Accuvision were delighted to see Tess Burrows, the explorer and peace campaigner at our London clinic recently. Tess had treatment at Accuvision back in 2008 when she was planning for her South Pole expedition with the likes of Ben Fogle and and wished to come in and visit to tell us about her latest adventure.
20141104 152749 225x300 Tess Burrows Climbs Kilimanjaro for peace
The original surgery meant that Tess was able to travel to the South Pole without the need for glasses or contact lenses for near and distance vision. Six years later her vision at the age of 66 years is still very clear.

Tess has now come back from another adventure, this time climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, a 6,000m climb, dragging a tyre behind her filled with peace messages from every nation on earth. This adventure proved to be just as big a challenge as the others, except this time it was the heat and dust of Africa and the cold harsh winds and altitude of the mountain that she had to overcome.

Tess has now completed 6 epic adventures, each one making a reference to a 6 pointed star around the Globe. Her latest book, Touch The Sky has just been published.

You can read all about the adventures of Tess Burrows and her climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro by ordering her book, Touch The Sky by visiting where 50% of the price will be given to charity (see the donations page on the website).

touch the sky front cover jpeg 195x300 Tess Burrows Climbs Kilimanjaro for peace

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As an insight in to individual solutions we offer our patients at Accuvision, here are two case studies of recent patients with varying visual issues.
Treatment for hyperopia or long-sightedness is just one of the many solutions we offer at Accuvision in your quest for better vision. While in simple terms the eye does not “refract” or focus the light on to a perfect point at the back of the eye, (retina) the reality of living with hyperopic prescriptions in glasses and contact lenses varies greatly from person to person.
In small amounts, especially in young people it has negligible impact but for some people and those with larger errors, hyperopia can cause intermittent or permanent blur (regardless of spectacle correction), headaches, tiredness after long hours of screen use and even binocular vision problems. All this visual distress only to be topped off with cosmetically infuriating glasses that look like magnifiers!
Liam is a 23 year old who struggled with very high hyperopia. At it’s worst his prescription in both eyes was +12.50DS and -4.00 DC of astigmatism. After years of heavy glasses and complicated expensive contact lens regimes a family member who had been elated with their own visual outcome referred him to Accuvision. This is a key example of how important our technology and expertise surpasses what Liam could have expected elsewhere on the high street. Extensive detailed screening, comprehensive safety checks and personalized treatment planning meant that Liam understood his options, the likely outcomes and had realistic expectations. He was offered a detailed explanation of short term and long term goals, taking in to account his age, needs, vocational pursuits and recreational diversity.
After several months of saving up, Liam proceeded to treatment in June 2014 with life changing results. While the treatment plan was not to fully correct his prescription, for patients like Liam, reduced dependence on glasses and contact lenses is a huge leap in quality of life. Liam’s 3-month follow up revealed a fully corrected astigmatism and +5.50DS hyperopia remaining. This has meant he is no longer restricted by rigid contact lenses and complex care regimens, broken lenses and being completely unable to function without glasses or lenses – all of which were holding him back at work. He is for the first time able to cope much better with soft contact lenses to fully correct the remaining hyperopia, has taken on more varied work projects and reports a resulting increase in his confidence and income. Made all the better by not needed to spend hundreds of pounds every year on his glasses and contacts!

Our second case is Laura, aged 24 who had been bearing the burden of +6.00DS hyperopia in both eyes, also with milder astigmatism. Her high street opticians were unable to give Laura much hope of ever having good vision without her glasses and contact lenses leading her to fear a lifetime of dependence with no other options. She was referred to us by a friend who felt she would benefit from Accuvision’s specialization in safely treating a variety but particularly complex prescriptions with consistently impressive results.
Laura’s visits with the clinical team for a complete intensive assessment confirmed her eligibility for treatment, which she underwent in May 2014. Laura, now 6 months after treatment and completely glasses free – sees reality difficult for her to have imagined previously.
Hyperopia coexists with various other optical problems and each individual who trusts Accuvision with their eyes is treated with utmost care, dedication and a personal service from the time they call us to the time they are discharged but also years down the line. We understand the importance of patients being involved in the decisions about their eyes and treatment but also value the clinical experience and background that our team bring to each patient journey. We don’t offer tiered treatments – for us, premium is the only way and clinical judgements are made and explained to our patients with only their interests and safety in mind. Vision goals are sometimes staged as time bound interventions as life and needs progress but also as available technology with advancements in ability and safety progress.
Neither two eyes nor people are the same and indeed there are options such as Implantable lenses for higher prescriptions as opposed to corneal refractive solutions. While we offer these services we do not believe in unnecessarily invasive techniques on younger eyes and take each case on its own merit with clear thought to our patients’ future and preserving their sight as we would our own. Although our technology and experience mean we treat patients some other clinics don’t, we have stringent safety protocols and occasionally some patients may be deemed unsuitable for treatment for a variety of reasons.
If you or someone you know suffers from hyperopia, or any other visual errors and want to explore your options for a better visual outlook then please contact us for more information.
You can read Liam and Laura’s own words in their testimonials here:

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This week is Eye Health Week in the UK, a time to focus on what we can do better to look after our eyesight into the future. The current statistics indicate that we have lapsed in our eye care as a society. Fewer children have had an eye test this year than at any time in the past 10 years.

Our society is not taking eye care seriously enough. Today we have over 1.8m people designated by the Royal National Institute for the Blind as having sight loss problems. Our ageing population with its increasing rates of obesity and diabetes creates a perfect storm for eye health issues. It is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss problems will increase to 2.25m.

What is more frightening is that 50% of sight loss is avoidable. The clear message for this years Eye Health Week is about getting your eyesight checked regularly as a form of health check.

Unfortunately, many appointments are cancelled or not attended even when they are booked because the priority for preventative eye care is too low it seems.

Over 20 million of us fail to have an eye test every 2 years and around 1 in 10 of us have never had an eye test. This simple exam, lasting around 30 minutes not only checks your vision but can also identify other potential health problems that can be ’seen’ through an eye test. General problems like diabetes, hyper tension and high cholesterol can be identified during an eye test. Over 30 million people in the UK are eligible for a free eye test through the NHS so there is little excuse for most of us not to have regular check ups.

Smoking increases your risk of blindness compared with non- smokers. A body mass index of more than 30 increases your risk of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and significantly increases the chances of developing a cataract.
Around 60% of those people who develop type 2 diabetes will also develop diabetic retinopathy.

So there are many reasons to stay as healthy as you can and to make regular eye tests part of your ongoing health monitoring regime.

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Sometimes patients are better at summing up the essence of why a clinical service is appreciated, without any specially crafted words or phrases.

Pete Masterman obviously considered his comments very carefully before posting the following testimonial. We appreciate his comments and hope that they may help others to come to a decision about whether laser eye surgery is something that they should consider for themselves.

” I Can’t fault the service and results of the consultations and the surgery at all. My prescription was +4.25 left +7.00 right with astigmatism in both eyes. Within 24 hours my eyesight was 20/20 according to my post op check with Nick. Currently on day 2 and my sight is improving all the time. For those considering surgery, it is completely painless and takes 2-3 minutes from lying down to sitting back up again. I would recommend Accuvision for a few reasons:

1 – initial consultation is highly informative and there was no pressure at all to sign up to anything. They leave you to make the decision based on what they have discussed with you.
2 – the surgeon and his staff were fantastically reassuring. I had a few people chat with me just prior to the actual surgery to make sure I was happy to continue. They really sow a few doubts in your mind to make doubly sure both you and they are happy that going ahead with the surgery is the right decision.
3 – the cost is competitive.
4 – My surgeon, Mr Mathew was very friendly, reassuring, and above all in my opinion, an absolute genius. After the surgery and for the rest of the day, I had none of the symptoms mentioned on various sites. My eyes didn’t sting, run, or looked bloodshot. Yes they felt as if I had been up all night and looked like it, but the following morning, they felt perfectly normal.

No reviewer can truly communicate how wonderful this surgery is, particularly as the reader will always be in two minds as to whether to go ahead or not. My view is that those who are very pleased will write a review and those who are very disappointed will write a review. On that balance of reviews I decided to go ahead with the surgery and do not regret it all all. In fact it is the best chunk of money I have spent, probably ever. Dear reader, trust Accuvision to deliver. They did in my case, and in abundance.”

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It is sometimes difficult to summarise what makes one clinic or service different from another. Once you get past the website and meet the people behind the clinic doors you begin to get a better understanding of what a clinic really stands for.

Unfortunately with our busy lives, we don’t always have the time to visit every prospective clinic if we are considering an elective procedure like laser eye surgery. Our criteria is usually based on experience of others known to us, location and convenience, reputation and general awareness.

Advertising does create the awareness, there is no doubt but it is very difficult to discover what a clinic is actually like from a TV ad or website. Once you get past the website and actually meet the people behind the name on the door you really begin to understand what a clinic actually stands for.

Some clinics have invested many millions in researching what makes a patient say YES to laser eye surgery. These insights have been distilled into a script that every optometrist and patient advisor has to follow. They also have to learn the answer to every objection that could be raised by the patient. On top of this approach is an incentive scheme with specific conversion targets that each staff member has to hit.

The problem with this approach is that the patient becomes a number in the eyes of the staff, usually with a £ sign in front of it.

Those people who resist this heavy handed marketing approach are a useful resource to others who may experience something similar.

Rachel Nolan is one such person whose experience is detailed below. It is a good summary of what is different about clinics like Accuvision.

“After consultations with other providers I was disillusioned as it seemed eye surgery was a marketing exercise! After looking to see what else was available further afield we found Accuvision. The difference was evident from first walking into the waiting room – professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Unlike other clinics where surgery type had been left to me to decide based on the cost, some clear guidance was given – with an explanation why. The ’signing up’ part wasn’t pressured, the cost was the same as elsewhere, (without ‘this week only’ special offers) and there was a range of surgery dates.
The surgery itself was quick, painless and with a lot of reassurance when nerves were evident! The aftercare was also good. Accuvision was well worth traveling a little further for – the service and experience are head and shoulders above the mainstream providers. My vision is better now than it was with contact lenses and I’d recommend Accuvision to anyone considering laser eye surgery.”

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It is amazing what lengths some people will go to achieve their ambitions. Allan Williams, a dedicated masters athlete and polevault coach travelled to South America to reclaim the World Masters Polevault title for his 60 years age group.

Since his laser eye surgery operation to correct Presbyopia, Allan has guided himself to the top of his Masters Age Group, recently breaking the UK M60 indoor record for polevault in the process.

Unlike other athletic events, it is very difficult to transport polevault poles across the world to major events and the World Masters Championships in Brazil was no exception.

Using whatever poles that were available, Allan managed to overcome some difficult issues with the facilities and the weather to deliver a performance that made him a clear winner of the event with a final height of 3.50m.

photo Allan Williams World championships Brazil 2013 300x248 Allan Williams Brings home a Masters World Championship Gold Medal following support from Accuvision Laser Eye Clinics

Allan Williams celebrates his World Championship win in Brazil

Allan recently organised one of the largest annual gatherings of young and old polevault enthusiasts at the Jim Day Memorial Polevault event in Carshalton, Surrey.

Sponsored by Accuvision Laser eye surgery clinics, the event produced some outstanding results from all age groups but more than that it was a fun and lively event that was enjoyed by all who attended.

DSCF6065 224x300 Allan Williams Brings home a Masters World Championship Gold Medal following support from Accuvision Laser Eye Clinics

Over 80 competitors took part on the day and more than half of them improved their seasons best on the day.

DSCF6077 300x224 Allan Williams Brings home a Masters World Championship Gold Medal following support from Accuvision Laser Eye Clinics

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You go on holiday to relax, explore, meet friends and family and have fun. Something that many people find frustrating when they prepare to go away is the hassle of having to pack their lenses, drops and cleaners. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a contact lens free holiday too…..Well now you can.

If you are really frustrated with the thought of contact lenses on holiday, perhaps you should consider the benefits of life without them.

No packing of lenses, drops and cleaners for the duration of your holiday.
No worrying about having to remove contact lenses before you swim
No irritation from contact lenses when dust and dirt gets in your eyes whilst on safari, quad biking or walking across a windy beach.

Accuvision can take away the problems of contact lenses very simply. We have advanced laser eye treatments that are able to correct eyes with prescriptions of up to -14.00 dioptres of short-sightedness, +8.00 dioptres of long-sightedness and astigmatism. We can also remove dependency on reading glasses too.

If you do want to visit us after reading this blog we will present you with a FREE pair of designer branded shades (worth over £150) as part of your on-going eye care from Accuvision after your treatment. This offer is exclusive to this blog only!

All you need to do is state that you have read our “Contact lenses on holiday” blog when you call us for your FREE consultation on 0330 300 2020 or by email at

You can also visit our website and complete the Contact Us form. To qualify for the free pair of designer shades you must type in “Contact lenses on holiday” in the further information box at the bottom of the form.

This offer closes on 30th June 2013, (i.e. you must have attended a consultation at Accuvision by this date to qualify).

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Matt Prior, aged 31 is the first England wicketkeeper to be voted for this prestigious award. His match-saving century in England’s draw against New Zealand probably sealed the votes, along with the seven Test half centuries he completed.

What Matt has shown this year is consistency, and as he admits “That’s something I’ve worked very hard on.”

Matt won ahead of two outstanding team members, batsman Alastair Cook and fast bowler, James Anderson.

New Zealand were denied a series victory in March this year due to Matt’s amazing unbeaten 110 and the efforts of Monty Panesar’s last man stand over the last 5 balls.

“I’ve no doubt the innings against New Zealand is pretty fresh in people’s mind so that’s probably had something to do with it,” Prior admitted.
“It was great to get over the line, a hugely proud moment but from a team point of view we want to be winning Test matches not drawing them. But to save a game for your country is a great feeling and I was very proud.”
Matt Prior plays for Sussex in the County Championship and will be playing tomorrow in the first Test against New Zealand at Lords.

“This series is massive. We had a tough series in New Zealand and we want to put in good performances and get a win. Winning is a habit and you want to get in that habit as soon as possible. Our best preparation whether it be the Ashes, India or New Zealand, is winning Test matches and we want to start on Thursday.”

Matt underwent laser eye surgery at Accuvision in 2007 whilst recovering from a broken thumb. His improved vision since 2007 has helped Matt to sustain a consistent level of performance, making him the preferred wicketkeeper for England in Test cricket.

We wish Matt and England every success in the Test series against New Zealand this week.

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Every week we are reminded by visitors to our clinics how different we are to other clinics and how we positively impact patients lives through the technology and treatment plans we are able to offer for laser eye surgery.

Only yesterday we had a gentleman visit our Solihull clinic with a hyperopic prescription of +7.00 in each eye. He told us how he had sought treatment at the various high street clinics with little success.

On visiting Accuvision in Solihull it was like a “breath of fresh air” he said. Not only was our consultant able to advise him that treatment was possible for his prescription but he was also told he would be able to have the surgery completed within the following 2 weeks.

The next day he booked for surgery.

It is no coincidence that more and more patients with higher or more complex eye prescriptions find a laser eye surgery solution at Accuvision. It is not just the clinical team (that provide excellent impartial advice to patients) but also the proven technology that’s able to safely correct these higher order prescriptions.

Here are some key points regarding the Alcon WaveLight refractive surgery technology used at Accuvision that help patients who have high eye prescriptions.

The Alcon WaveLight laser is THE ONLY LASER to have received FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval for wavefront-guided procedures where the higher order aberrations were actually reduced after treatment.

Around 90% of Alcon WaveLight procedures are performed with the wavefront-optimized profile as it is all that is required if there are no pre-existent higher order aberrations.

The WaveLight laser has multiple custom treatments (wavefront-guided, topography-guided and asphericity-guided) allowing Accuvision to deliver a truly bespoke treatment plan for each patient.

The WaveLight Refractive Suite is the fastest excimer laser available today. And we know that faster treatments lead to better outcomes.

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Sophie Kinsella’s latest book is coming out this week on 25th April. Entitled ‘Wedding Night’ it tells the tale of Lottie and Ben who made a pact in years gone by to marry if they were still single at thirty. Lottie decides to take her chances with Ben after a number of failed long term boyfriends much to the concern of family and friends.

Sophie Kinsella recently visited Accuvision laser eye clinics to receive laser eye surgery for her myopia (shortsight), replacing it with blended vision for distance and near vision.

Sophie says ” I cannot be more delighted with my vision following laser eye surgery at Accuvision and I’m really looking forward to my book launch and a summer without having to worry about contact lenses or glasses.”

We wish Sophie’s book ‘Wedding Nights’ every success this summer! You can find out more about it at

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